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Video CD - Preview and Order


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Take a look at our video-previews. We have more than 320 video-clips, playing 5-10 minutes each, video selections, running 45 minutes and more You can choose to order the video-clips separately as mpeg-files or wmv, shipped on CD-R, or you assemble a video-CD (or two), which will run in your DVD or on your computer/pc.

We don't want you to buy a pig in a poke - so take a look at the preview pics. For all tickling fans: We can asure you, that we don´t have any fake laughing. If a girl isn´t ticklish, we won´t release that video.

Beyond that, we offer multi view videos (MV-Videos), where a scene is recorded with two cams from different angles. Here is some more information about this technique.

You can order and download our videoclips from our site (click here) or fromclips4sale.com. Check back there from time to time, as we are adding more clips weekly.

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