Julia´s Pointing BF-Collection

HiQ MV-Videoclips

last update: 20.05.2005(prev 31.07.2004)

The following pics, captured from our videoclips, show our first videos which were created with MultiView-Technique. That means, that there are at least two cams, which record the scene from different angles. One of the view is the main-view, which is larger than the secondary view. In some cases one of the views show the scene fullscreen, in most cases it is divided like shown beneath. If you click onto one of the pics beneath the regular size of our HQ-videoclip is shown. The videos are shipped with the divided view and with the mainview in single technique. So you actually get 2 videos!!

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Irina´s Toe Tease 02
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Irina´s Nylon Tease 01
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