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Valeria´s Debut

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These were the very first pics from Valeria in June 2003
If you want to make some compliments - here is her mail address:

It was a quite a new experience for us, getting her for a modeljob.
I want to show that in the following illustrated story ...

I was driving home from a date with Tonia, when I saw a young guy fishing in the lake next to the road. OK- that´s nothing special. Round about 50 m away, there was lying a blond girl on her belly in the gras, watching the fisherman. OK - nothing special too. But - the feet of the girl was pointing upwards; in a short glimpse, I thought, having seen some toewiggling.
In a second I braked, punched in the reverse and drove into a small fieldpath. I stopped my car, took the vidcam and walked into the direction of where I supposed the girl lying. When I approached, she was already watching me.  
I walked nearer, said "Hi", and she answered something like "Hi" too. It seemed, as if she was feeling a bit uncomfortable - I was not sure, whether she had realized the vidcam.
"Watching the sundown", I asked, but I did not understand, what she was answering, as she did not turn her head into my direction.
I was hoping, that she would put up her feet again. But she looked at the water. Every now and then she threw a glance into my direction.  
And then - finally - it happened! Her feet in the air!! And when she started wiggling her feet, my breath nearly stopped. At that moment I realized, that the vidcam could zoom closer to her.

Maybe she forgot about me - it was a strange situation. Or she was listening, what I was doing next.

Now I was in a difficult situation. On the one hand, it was my intention to ask her for permission, to show these pictures on our site, on the other, I was afraid, she would not agree. And furthermore, I enjoyed the view, which would be destroyed by talking with her.

Finally, after a short time, I decided to ask her. I stood up and walked at her side, leaving a distance of a few meters.

After a short smalltalk, I asked her, whether I may show her something special. A short nodding was the answer.  
I switched off the cam, went to my car and returned with my lap. I showed her the pics, which I had just done with Tonia.  
Suddenly I realized the guy with the fishing rod approaching us. Now I felt a bit uncomfortable. But the girl - Valeria is her name - said to the guy, that he should take a look at the pics. It was not easy, because the sun was dazzling, we could hardly see the display.

When I asked her, whether she would like to make a modeljob for us, she looked at him. He gave a shrug - and then she said: "Why not?".

I can´t describe, how fast I fetched the equipment out of my car - phoned up Julia with my mobile, to give notice, that I will be late. And we started with a quick fotoshooting - she is a very charming girl - never had such a photogenic firsttimer before.

And such a coincidence and luck, that I had the equipment with me. I suppose, she wouldn´t have agreed, if I hadn´t the chance to show her the examples.