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Thanks in advance for your support, helping us to keep this site running as a clean foot-fetish page.
Themes and intentions
We like to run a website focussed on beautiful female feet, which is mostly expressed by pointing toes. You´ll know it from dancers (classic/modern/jazz-dance), gymnastics, synchronized swimming, etc.. Most girls and women spend a lot of time, to bring their feet in a good shape. The toenails are painted carefully, the soles are kept soft. That is, what we want to honour. So the most pictures show feet with pointing toes, but due to popular demands of our visitors, we also like to show other poses like spreading toes, soles and dangling shoes. But all updates will show some pointing.
The site is updated once week with new pictures (1024 x 768 of size ) and/or videoclips. The videoclips are roundabout 4 Mb of size for slower connections. To reward the members, who are supporting us the whole time, we additonally installed the full length and full quality videoclips, which are exchanged every 2 weeks. They are between between 50 and 100 Mb os size, prepared to burn on CD-R to play them in newer DVD-players.
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