Julia and Frank
Julia is was born in Denmark and is now living in Germany, Frank came from South Africa and is now living in Germany too.
Irina and Ted
A couple, who helped make a startup organisation
The team
Jordan, AnnAngel, Valeria, Tonia have to be mentioned, as they participated without taking money in the beginning.
A short history overview
We - Julia and Frank - founded the site in 1998, when internet was becoming more and more popular. It was only a try, as Frank is a passionated fotographer and thought about a good theme for a website just for fun. After holidays in France 1998, he took some pics of Julia´s dark tanned legs, and thought, that these pics might be of interest for others. So he placed them on a free server - geocities, which is now yahoo - and got such a lot of feedback, that he and Julia decided, to carry on with posting feetpics. As internet was new to Doro, Julia´s sister, she joined as a model with her size 10 feet.
In 2000 Irina and her boyfriend joined, and worked on turning the site into a commercial site with a more professional character. We like to thank Jordan, Tonia, AnnAngel and Valeria and all the other girls. And last but not least all fans, who like to support us and our idea of a clean foot-fetish site without porn and nudity.
Welcome friends and guests!
If you are here for the first time, then check out our free pics by clicking on public, and the whole bunch of free preview pics from our videoclips.
You´ll find the update history and thus a good overview of our contents by clicking on updates.
February 2006
We changed the Layout a bit, as ist was looking a rather old fashioned between all the other sites.